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Woolf is a 3 women band, they sing original songs and play guitar in a folksy-country atmosphere. They wanted to release 4 singles, within a period of 6 month and needed an artwork for each that would keep them connected to the same "mother root" but that could illustrate them individually too.

I started the process for these album covers outside of the computer, making a mess with oil pastel and watercolors. After trying and mixing for a while, I scanned everything and switched the process to digital. I think for that kind of project, it's interesting to think outside of the computer frame for the initial phase. I worked on the project while listening to their songs: melancholic, but heartening too and wanted to visualize that with the use big flat brushes and soft pastel strokes . 

The watercolors are a big part of Woolf's identity and I wanted to keep that in mind while still pushing the visuals further, to something slightly darker, as their songs can be.  


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