I did an interview for Femke van Schoonhoven from The Apartment . We talked typography, music and designing for yourself .  Click to read


This is one of the rejected option I made for "Inspiring Talents". 

The concept was : Singularity and specificity is what the client was trying to pinpoint and develop during the workshops. With that in mind, I developed my first concept around the broadness of our differences between one another. As people and as professionals we have different strong points that define us; they are represented here by the different geometrical shapes . And within ourselves, there are endless capacities to grow and explore in every angle looking for the one that defines us best, again, personally and professionally . I showed graphically those endless possibilities with a 3D representation of the shapes, giving them some depth and complexity.

Interview in the America Issue of the Shillington Post. We talked about launching Fernand et Firmin Studio, New York City, creative resources and starting out freelancing. Click to read. 


July 2015 in the NY Trending Magazine

I moved in early December into a new apartment that I use as my studio space too . It's definitely not final but here are snippets of how it's evolving after a month of daily life and small arrangements .