My work for this project was to design an album cover and a booklet for the first EP of two of my friends. I had total freedom in the process but always kept on listening to their music while working on the design to not lose my focus which can happen when there is no specific briefing.  
I worked with pieces of plastic mesh that I scanned, vectorized, stacked and played around with to achieve the texture. 
Zoe and Tom are bold composers, they are not afraid to go far and create musical statements . I wanted the album cover to do the same and used the colors for that purpose. 

To incorporate their own creative process in the design of the booklet, I inserted scans, lyrics, drafts, that i scanned and inserted in a rough, raw form within the design. 
I also created a custom font for the album . (see image for explanations)


Filmed and edited by Jonas Sacks