Here are some of the concept that didn't make the cut .

Here, the concept was to try and interpret sound visually and mix its representation with a globe. As I imagine the sound waves taking different forms depending on the style of music playing, I created a variation of shapes that will be used across marketing collaterals and web design. As the sound of the show will not be one specific sound, but a multitude of different sounds, from different cultures and with different rhythms, the logo is not one combination, but a multifaceted variation of shapes that all together create the identity of the brand, in the same way, all the different styles of music create the show . 



This concept focuses more on the musical content of the show. The variety of the different musics and artists. Still within the visual interpretation of the sound, i created different grids, and waves of what the emotions of listening to the music could be. 
Here again, multi-faceted logo. Great for brand roll-out.